• Type: 2-layer or 3-layer single plank engineered boards
  • Color: Dark brownish with black flutes (old oak)
  • Oak grade: Rustic C, selected cut and grade boards only
  • Texture: Hard Brushed, with knots
  • Prefinished: TimeShift patterned finish (heated), matt lacquer (water based)
  • Tongue and groove connection
  • Bevelled edges on 2 or 4 side

Lithuania's most beautiful and majestic castle is TRAKAI, that is the only stronghold in the Eastern Europe. The Gothic style castle has been popular residence for the nobles of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – most lavish feasts and regal festivities were held within these walls.

TRAKAI engineered flooring will aggrandize any interior and will add some aristocratic charm, so our living or working space will imbue our lives with grand ideas. Furthermore, unique Time Shift finishing allows TRAKAI flooring to change with passing time as the castle has transformed from military stronghold to the symbol of a nation.

All TRAKAI floorboards cut ONLY from marked part of log:


Base layer - high quality BIRCH PLYWOOD.

Art. No.  Thick. (mm)   Top layer (mm)  Width 180 mm Width 220 mm  Width 260 mm Width 300 mm
 15,5  3,5  +  + + -
 20,5  5,5  +  +  + -
 2-TRA-25-C 25  5  - -   - + 

Base layer - high quality BIRCH PLYWOOD + usual finger jointed oak.

Art. No.  Thick. (mm)   Top layer (mm)  Width 180 mm Width 220 mm 
 15,5  3,5  +  +
 20,5  5,5  +  +

Standard floorboards lengths:
800-2400 mm. Including: ca. 80% 1400-2400 mm length & ca. 20% - 800-1200 mm.

Optional lengths:
800-3000 mm. Including: ca. 80% 1600-3000 mm length & ca. 20% - 800-1400 mm (add 20% to model price).

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Atsparumas UV spinduliams

Bog oak is naturally UV resistant, it means your bog oak flooring never fades even on direct sunlight.

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GRIGO STUDIO produces handmade & fine bespoke finished wood floors only.

Tinkamos šildomoms grindims

GRIGO STUDIO's engineered floorboards can be installed over underfloor heating systems.