About us

IMG 0874GRIGO STUDIO is a design and manufacturing company, specializing in outstanding and sustainable interiors. Our main focus today is on creating and manufacturing flooring, furniture and other interior elements made from exceptional, unique and very rare hardwood – Bog Oak. Interior elements made from bog oak will transform any space into timeless environment, filled with emotion and style.

Experienced and skilful GRIGO STUDIO designers have a deep awareness of the bog oak hardwood. This leads to the innovative design process, which incorporates creative genius with engineering excellence and passion to understand and satisfy our customer needs. Furthermore, GRIGO STUDIO professionals work with our customers starting from the project to the final product. Not only we create exceptional designs on paper, but also we construct and manufacture them – so the idea becomes the space that our customers can enjoy.

Longevity of exceptional Bog Oak wood, unique finishing technologies, quality and modern aesthetics provide the means to create interiors, furniture and other products, that are beautiful in their simplicity albeit inspiring profound emotions in the eye of the beholder.

GRIGO STUDIO designers fully accept individuality of our customers’ needs and are always ready to understand and create the space that our clients envision.

Vytautas-Grigas-wwwSenior Designer

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions according our collections or raw bog oak material.



Bog oak is naturally UV resistant, it means your bog oak flooring never fades even on direct sunlight.


GRIGO STUDIO produces handmade & fine bespoke finished wood floors only.


GRIGO STUDIO's engineered floorboards can be installed over underfloor heating systems.