Grigo Studio


The Old Ideal

The Renaissance taught us that creativity is at its best when it merges nature, science, and the transformative powers of art.

Mere artistic creativity is impactless without the foundation of science. Science is uninspiring without the touch of an artist. And no man-made object will ever breathe life without the natural components as its base.


The Present-Day Crisis

The key energizing feature of the Renaissance was its interdisciplinary nature. Today, however, most of this great spirit is lost, as increasing specialization is constructing a world of rigid disciplinary boundaries. In most spheres of life, we are losing what was once a marvelously productive relationship between science and art.

It is up to the community of designers to oppose the present-day pressures towards disciplinary boundaries and narrow specialization.


The Response

Grigo Studio is a luxury flooring technology and design company founded in the interdisciplinary approach to creativity. At Grigo Studio, we are all about breaking disciplinary boundaries and unifying the different modes of creative experience.

Following the Renaissance paradigm of creativity, we draw inspiration from the different domains of human experience including science, technology, spirituality, nature, and art.

Our luxurious flooring collections are the result of artistic design, years of scientific experimentation with technological innovations (see bog oak 2.0), and the use of freshly cut wood as our primary natural material.

Grigo Studio is a global pioneer in bog oak technology innovations.


Creative Process

All processes are personally supervised by Vytautas Grigas who is regarded by his disciples as the quintessential Renaissance man in design.

“We could have stopped innovating when we invented the bog oak 2.0 technology, since the demand for this unique natural material is enormous,” says Mr. Grigas: “But only a profiteer sells gold to make a quick profit. A creator uses gold to create something unique and transformative. So, for me, discovering a new wood treatment technology was just the beginning of a new creative process”.

The result of this process is Grigo Studio’s award-winning bog oak flooring collections desired by the crème de la crème in the worlds of naval and interior architecture and design.

In 2019, Grigo Studio introduced new flooring collections made from bog walnut, bog ash, bog maple, and bog beech.


Bog oak is naturally UV resistant, it means your bog oak flooring never fades even on direct sunlight.


GRIGO STUDIO produces handmade & fine bespoke finished wood floors only.


GRIGO STUDIO's engineered floorboards can be installed over underfloor heating systems.