RED DOT award

In 2015 GRIGO was delighted to receive RED DOT award recently for DENIM - innovative, beautiful and durable bog oak flooring.

Most importantly, DENIM colors and effects are achieved without the use of any chemical paints or stains and are only possible when using grey color bog oak wood.

As the name suggests, the distinctive feature of these engineered wooden floorboards is that they look as if they have been made from blue denim fabric. The attention to detail does not finish with a “stone-washed” and “warn-in” look, it even includes a yellow seam running along the side of the boards.

The wooden flooring also behaves like real jeans. Over time the surface color wears off slightly and becomes greyer, just as real jeans would wear-in with use.

Yet astoundingly the floorboards do not bleach in direct sunlight.

“Good design, can be seen by taking two everyday products and imagining them merged together in a new light,” says Vytautas Grigas, senior designer and CEO. He says “With Denim we wanted to take luxury oak flooring and assimilate it with blue jeans, the most iconic of fashion statements.”


Year 2015 winners of the Red Dot seal has been chosen, based on the results of a 38-strong international jury of the renowned specialists from all over the world. Among them were such superstars of the international design scene as the London based fashion and shoe designer Datuk’ Professor Jimmy Choo or former Pininfarina designer Ken Okuyama who has been designing such projects as the Enzo Ferrari car or  Shinkansen railway vehicles. All of the Red Dot entries were assessed, based on a number of criteria ranging from functionality to design innovation, emotional content and ecological compatibility.

All GRIGO flooring mimics the exclusive wood – bog oak. Typically, bog oak is found in wetlands and swamps, where it has been lying for several thousand years, submerged under water and peat. These special conditions usually protect the oak wood from decay, while changing the physical properties and coloring of the wood.

Due to its higher density, bog oak flooring has an outstanding durability and resistance to decay, while the production process is environmentally friendly and safe. Patented technique for the bogging of oak wood replicates the natural processes in the swamp, and it does not include any aggressive materials, such as ammonia, paints, dyes, etc.

The Red Dot Award is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year: in 1955 a jury convened in Essen, Germany for the first time to assess the best design examples of the day. The award is considered the hallmark of good design and is recognised all over the globe by whole community of designers and similar professionals. This year all in all 4928 products from 56 nations have entered into the competition and even 3.500 products were rejected.

GRIGO and other winners in the Product Design category received their awards during the gala in Essen’s Aalto-Theater on Monday, 29 June 2015. GRIGO Denim flooring line was exhibited at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen until end of July 2016. All of the products and their makers will be also featured in the online presentation as well as in the Red Dot App.

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Bog oak is naturally UV resistant, it means your bog oak flooring never fades even on direct sunlight.


GRIGO STUDIO produces handmade & fine bespoke finished wood floors only.


GRIGO STUDIO's engineered floorboards can be installed over underfloor heating systems.