GRIGO BOG OAK (Bog Oak 2.0)

Humanity was always interested in reproducing the most precious natural elements. The entire discipline of alchemy, for example, was founded in the quest for man-made gold. Ours was a similarly lunatic ambition. 

Our object of fascination was bog oak, the most luxurious, scarce type of wood sought after by the world’s top talents in architecture, as well as naval and interior design. Bog oak derives from oak trunks that have been buried in swamps, peat bogs, and river bottoms for thousands of years.

It was time for bog oak to experience an alchemical moment. Only this time it would be successful.


The Philosopher’s Stone

Could we emulate nature’s craftsmanship in a controlled environment? Was it too arrogant to think that a man could accelerate nature’s work and achieve the same result in a matter of months? Could we succeed where alchemy had failed? This was a new chapter in the quest for the philosopher’s stone, a chapter written in a little provincial town of central Lithuania.

The result of this quest is our patented in-house technology that we call bog oak 2.0. Pioneered by award-winning designer Vytautas Grigas, bog oak 2.0 is an environmentally-friendly technology used for converting freshly cut oak into bog oak. The conversion process lasts for one to six months depending on the wood thickness. The water-treatment based process is 100 % natural: no ammonia treatment, not smoked, no paint used.


Outdoing Nature

The result is not only only an emulation, but also an improvement over bog oak found in nature.

Compared to naturally occurring bog oak, bog oak 2.0 features better density qualities, better light reflecting qualities, a richer pallet of colours (brown, grey, black, blue, and red shades), stronger antibacterial qualities, longer projected lifetime.

Having discovered his personal philosopher’s stone, Vytautas Grigas and his team now employ bog oak 2.0 in the manufacture of unique flooring collections: Ortus, Antique, and Denim (awarded with the prestigious Red Dot award in 2015). Appreciated for outstanding design and unmatched durability, today these collections are reshaping the luxury segment of the flooring industry.


Bog oak is naturally UV resistant, it means your bog oak flooring never fades even on direct sunlight.


GRIGO STUDIO produces handmade & fine bespoke finished wood floors only.


GRIGO STUDIO's engineered floorboards can be installed over underfloor heating systems.